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Enrichment Ministry

The Goal

To connect and minister to the needs of women of all ages. We promote David Chapel’s three pillars of: CONNECT, CARE and CULTIVATE. 

Want to serve, but don't know where to start?  Register to take a Spiritual Gifts Test that will reveal the areas you are gifted and where you can serve. *Use access code 4D632E to ensure your results are linked to David Chapel. Thanks!

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To lead women to deepen their relationship with Christ and others, become equipped to disciple, serve God with their spiritual gifts, and advance the Kingdom of God.

Allow God to transform you as we learn more about His character and develop the lifelong pursuit of discipleship - growing closer to Christ and leading others to know Him and love Him more.

Join us as we build and deepen relationships with one another while growing spiritually together. Together we will connect through worship, prayer, Bible study, luncheons, conferences, retreats, and virtual calls.

David Chapel is a cross-generational church with a heart for the community, and we are committed to doing just that. Whether it’s providing donations or essentials to those in need or ministering to those in community care centers and women shelters, we are devoted to showing God’s love through service. 

Evangelism is a key part of what we do. Some of the ways we spread the Word is by partnering with community ministries to support those experiencing homelessness and incarceration by praying and providing resources, such as care packages, food, and donations.