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iAM Young Adults Ministry

The Goal

To support and encourage young dynamic disciples while they are away at college and moving into the next phase of adulthood.

Join our weekly hybrid (in-person and virtual) Young Adult Bible Study on Wednesdays from 7-8:30PM! Fill out the form below to sign-up!


The College and Young Adults Ministry disciples and enriches young adults and college students as they navigate their spiritual journey.

We will study and deepen our understanding of Christ and how we are called to live as Christians. We will host bible studies and small group sessions where we can dig into The Word. Whether it is using study series or a book, we will learn and grow together so that we have practical examples and tools to use in our everyday life.

It's important for the college students and young adults to build and nurture relationships with others who are growing in Christ. To do this, the members will participate in activities such as bible studies, social outings, and ministry conferences. 

The college students and young adults will participate in community service activities, such as the MLK Street Clean-Up project and Feast of Sharing, to live out our Christian responsibility to pour back into the community and have a heart of service.

Evangelism is a key part of what we do as believers. The members are encouraged to live the Bible as they are taught - whether at school, work, or when hanging out with friends. We have discussions on practical ways to do so - talking thru the challenges they face and allowing the them to share their experiences with one another as a way to support and encourage each other.

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