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Covid-19 Precautions

Our Commitment

To protect the health of our worshippers by observing reasonable safety protocols consistent with community standards and practices.

Section 1: Entering and Exiting the Building 
  • Parking is available in lots on the property. Enter the building through doors on the front side (on MLK Blvd.) or from the rear doors (back parking lot).
  • Ushers are available to assist with seating.

Section 2: Safety Guidelines for Inside the Church Building 
  • Wearing of masks or other face coverings is optional.
  • Only two people are allowed in restrooms at once. 
  • Access to certain areas of the building is restricted.
  • Online and in-person giving is available. Collection plates are placed at the rear of the church for your convenience.
  • On First Sundays, Communion elements will be available on tables at each entrance. Please take one as you enter service.

Section 3: Sanitization Protocols
  • Areas disinfected before worship service.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes placed throughout the building.
  • The kitchen area is not available for use.